The Colac Collectable Car Club was founded by the late Don Quinton and celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2013.

The club caters for non-modified cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, from veteran, vintage and classic through to modern as specified in the guidelines provided by the Club Constitution and Vic Roads.

This family-orientated club has a full social calendar, with members encouraged to take part in regular meetings which include drives, display days, rallies and participation in district street parades.

Colac Collectable Car Club aims to promote a spirit of fellowship amongst all car enthusiasts and the preservation of our motoring history.

Our 2017 – 2018 COMMITTEE:-

President: Vince Thorne

Vice President: Ken Slingsby

Secretary: Heather Petrie

Treasurer: Craig Carroll

Runs Organiser: Malcolm Wilson

Registrar: Shirley Haslem

AOMC Representative: Geoff O’Neill

Permit Scheme Officer (Red Plate): Geoff O’Neill

Scruitineer, Club Safety Officer and Permit Scheme Officers: Geoff O’Neill, Graeme Chislett and Glenn Shepherd – see below for further details

Permit Scheme Officers:- Annette Thorne (Cobden), Ted Price (Colac), Glenn Shepherd (Colac), Heather Petrie (Cobden) and Les Claridge (Colac) – see attached for further details

Newsletter: Heather Petrie

General members: Ted Price and Dallas Petrie

Federation Representative: Shane Perrott and Vince Thorne

Contact numbers for Club Permit Scheme Registration and Renewals:-

Click here for all contact details for 2017/2018 Committee:-


Our events explained:-

PSA: Pleasant Sunday Afternoons, a popular way to catch up with other club members.

‘WITH’ runs: ‘WITH’ stands for Wind In The Hair. ‘WITH’ runs depart from the Colac Visitor Information Centre (CVIC) at the corner of Murray and Queen Streets, Colac, at 6pm unless otherwise stated on the calendar. Those participating should bring a BYO BBQ or picnic unless advised otherwise. Contact our Run Committee member if you have any queries.

Changes to run destinations: In recent times we have suffered extreme weather events on days when we have a run scheduled. To give as much flexibility to members as possible (not to mention substituting an alternative activity that may be kinder to our vehicles) the club has ruled that in extreme weather conditions the run committee can change a run destination and may be changed at the departure point. If in doubt, please check with the Run Organizer close to the start time of the run.